Coping With Uncertainty Through Telehealth

Coping with Uncertainty Through Telehealth and Online Counseling

Feeling Out of Control? You Are Not Alone.

Life is full of uncertainty, and at time this uncertainty is on more prominent display that others. The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has sparked a variety of reactions, and many are feeling overwhelmed by quarantine restrictions or general anxiety and fear. Speaking with an online counselor can help.  If you are an Idaho resident living in the Boise metropolitan area and are interesting in online counseling/telehealth Boise services, please continue reading to learn more.

How to Cope with Uncertainty

For many people, COVID-19 has sparked intense feelings of uncertainty and lack of control. While this response is understandable, it is important we work to keep stress and anxiety at a manageable level. Here are a few things you can do to cope:

  • Take care of you body by eating well-balanced meals, sleeping, getting appropriate exercise, and avoiding exposure to unhealthy substances.
  • Limit your time consuming media or reading news stories. While an appropriate dose of information is helpful, spending too much time thinking about the pandemic can cause undue anxiety.
  • Connect with people you love via a phone call, Skype, FaceTime, or even email!
  • Try something new – perhaps a new recipe, an art project, or a new exercise routine!
  • Consider telehealth or online counseling. If you need someone to help you process your emotions during this time, an online counselor can be a calming and encouraging resource.

Telehealth Boise on a computer

Telehealth Boise Services

Processing your emotions out loud with a safe and trustworthy professional can be one of the most helpful ways to navigate uncertainty in the midst of crisis. While many people are quarantined in the mist of the COVID-19 outbreak, online counseling can bridge the gap between the counseling office and your home.

I offer online counseling services to people in the Boise, Idaho metropolitan area. If you are interested in telehealth Boise services, please contact me at (208) 918-1034 or email


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